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The Shoemaker Impact Crater Project is located on the southern margin of the Earaheedy Basin about 830km northeast of Perth, Western Australia.

No. of Tenements 3
Area 596km2
Status Granted

The Shoemaker Meteorite Impact crater was previously known as the Lake Teague Ring Structure but was renamed the Shoemaker impact structure in honour of the late Gene Shoemaker and as a tribute to his and Caroline Shoemaker’s work on Australian impact structures. The structure has a diameter of about 30km.

The structure covers the southern part of the Western Proterozoic Earaheedy Basin which overlies the Archaean Yilgarn Craton to the south. Iron formation of the Frere Formation has been mapped on the tenements, and rock chip sampling by Galaxy has returned values up to 58.8%Fe.


Galaxy’s main target is high grade hematite iron mineralisation hosted in the Frere Formation. Other targets include base metals such as copper, lead and zinc, and gold, which may have been concentrated by structures and hydrothermal systems related to the impact event.

Proposed Programme
Galaxy has recently announced that a sale and joint venture agreement has been signed with General Mining Corporation Limited for the exploration and development of the Shoemaker hematite iron ore project.


Shoemaker - Geology Map.